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At Fraas Mediation, we strive to evolve the legal process, creating a foundation of mutual respect and understanding while minimizing trauma and cost.

You deserve

peace of mind.

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope of having a better past

- A Course in Miracles

Why Choose FRAAS







The best way out is always through.

– Robert Frost


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Support Services

Jason Trobaugh

Lisa Fraas has been my family law attorney for the last few years. My case has been complicated and has required time and time again for Lisa to go above and beyond and she has. Sometimes that has meant I need a referral, sometimes it means making calls while she’s on vacation, whatever may be required she gets it done. I sleep at night knowing she is on the job I highly highly recommend Lisa she is professional, punctual and presentable in and out of court.

Tim Critz


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing your profession, you are really good at it.  Your honesty and integrity rock!

Celia De Benedetti

I started this divorce process terrified of the outcome and the contentious nature of conflict.  Fraas Mediation has a gem in Lisa, she simply and concisely outlines and moves you through what now seems like the simplest process, providing a sounding board for both my ex husband and me that was fair, considerate and compassionate, laying a safe foundation for us to communicate and coparent with grace.  Let her help you to step through that open door to your new life with relief.

Kirsten Connelly

Lisa was great to work with during my divorce.  Her approach is centered around what is best for the child and is highly collaborative. I highly recommend Lisa!


Facilitating a renewed life of excitement and adventure through intelligent and compassionate communication.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 1.58.46 PM.png

Bathe yourself with a vision and understanding that engenders rebirth and a whole-hearted life ahead.

Believe in a reality that the best way to a fulfilling experience is directly through what you face head-on now.

Our Philosophy & Credentials


Rich in spirit, adventure and drive, Lisa Fraas has built her practice from years of listening and focusing on learning new ways of caring for people in difficult times. Her practice encourages a future for families where relationships are cherished above money and the concept of love is not lost in legal proceedings. Lisa Fraas endeavors to take family law practice to new levels, quelling conflict and elevating solutions by diving into and offering a healing purpose to the emotional turmoil divorce proceedings can engender. She truly believes that while situations can feel insurmountable, through varied communication techniques, couples can come to mutual agreements that not just resolve conflict, but heal the family.


Lisa Fraas, Principle at Fraas Mediation, is licensed to practice in California and Nevada and has worked in all areas of family law, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody, support, adoption and property division. We have appeared in hundreds of trials, hearings and settlement conferences and understand the level of patience and cooperation required to help individuals bring peace and balance back into their lives without having to go to court and exhaust their resources.

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