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Forgiveness work helps us to feel lighter, integrate healing and move through the world with new freedom and power.

Forgiveness Coaching

Whatever path your life has taken, whether the forgiveness is for you or a loved one, our caring people extend a helping hand to bring you across the threshold and let go of the negative.

At Fraas Mediation, we facilitate every individual so they can be heard through the difficult process of resolving conflict – and in our 30 years of practice, have found that the legal process itself does nothing to address the deep emotional pain that is universal in clients who are taking the journey of separation and divorce.


Fraas Mediation Coaching Method: Forgiveness work is not about reconciliation or condoning behavior

Forgiveness is choice which begins by recognizing we cannot have a different past but we have choices about our future.   Addressing conflict this way does not pretend that we can separate the emotional pain from the conflict right in front of us.  Instead, forgiveness embraces the emotional signature that prevents us from moving through the problem, examining and working to release the pain so we can live better, lighter futures.


We provide a path through which our clients examine their own feelings and core wounds that have likely added to their story around suffering.  The coaching program helps people to humanize and understand their long-held feelings so that their emotional pain can be released and they feel better. 


Forgiveness can be taught and learned.  Through Forgiveness Coaching, we study and invite in the lineage of great healers who have guided the world through forgiveness:

  • Ghandi

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Nelson Mandela


Fraas Mediation Coaching Method Background

Lisa Fraas studied and trained for a year with the Forgiveness Institute founded by attorney and mediator, Eileen Barker, Esq. in Marin County to gain certification as Forgiveness Coach in May 2019.  First developed by Dr. Fred Luskin, a Stanford Professor who founded the Forgiveness Project, this is a research based process of helping individuals learn to forgive and release their anguish.    As an attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist, Lisa Fraas personally understands the pain embedded in the conflict her clients suffer. Working through forgiveness while undergoing the mediation process speaks so profoundly to this missing element of healing. 

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