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Integrative and Restorative Law

The emerging worldwide movement to create a legal system that grants dignity and voice to everyone involved, crafting values-based, creative, sustainable, and holistic solutions that build and strengthen relationships is coming into its own today.

Most people do not associate divorce or estate planning with tenderness and devotion. Yet a healthier system will necessitate facilitation of these philosophies into the process of separation, divorce or planning to create a safe landing place for your family in case of death. I believe that integrating healing into these legal processes absolutely will change the face of family law practice as it exists. Lawyers need to take a leadership role in transforming the contentious state family law is and instead create a safe place for families to consciously uncouple.

Well over a decade ago, I recognized that the practice of law - as it addresses family law issues - was clearly broken. Families in need of healing potential while they negotiated the uncharted waters of separation were instead thrown into a lion’s pit of battle. Attorneys were only making matters worse by raising the competitive winner-take-all tone, inflaming the issues between couples and burdening the process with huge costs.

A seminar was recently given by Kim Wright that opened my eyes to the fact that my approach to my practice is part of a much bigger movement. To my surprise, I learned that I was already a holistic lawyer, and I didn’t even know it. For me, attending this seminar, I felt validated and excited to realize my type of practice is a small but important cog in this worldwide movement of change. On every continent, lawyers are developing diverse and innovative avenues to evolve the practice of law to work as a peacemaking, integrative force in people’s lives.

This evolution of my practice involved a great deal of continuing studies in innovative, relationship-based problem solving. The journey facilitating this evolution of my practice also necessitated a personal transformation. I have become a passionate proponent of integrated law practice by promoting mediation and conscious uncoupling over an emotionally-torn traditional divorce battle. The Forgiveness Counseling that I offer further supports this philosophy of taking the whole couple, the whole family, into consideration when assisting with the divorce process from separation to personal healing for each member of the family.

About Kim Wright

Kim Wright travels the world to show legal communities everywhere that peaceful, reflective approaches to the practice of law is a movement, gaining momentum all of the time. Visit for more information on restorative law.

About Lisa Fraas Mediation and Forgiveness Counseling Rich in spirit, adventure and drive, Lisa Fraas has built her solo practice from years of listening and focusing on learning new ways of caring for people involved in an anguished process. Her practice encourages a future for families where relationships are cherished above money and the concept of love is not lost in legal findings. Lisa Fraas endeavors to take family law practice to new levels, quelling conflict and elevating solutions by diving into and offering a healing purpose to the emotional turmoil divorce proceedings can engender. She truly believes that while situations can feel insurmountable, through varied communication techniques, couples can come to mutual agreements that heal the family during conscious uncoupling. A driving force in the legal industry, Lisa also believes that excellent care through the divorce process should alleviate strife and cost must not become an obstacle to amicable results.

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